Ladakh, A Beautiful Place in Kashmir

The minute you enter Ladakh, you are welcomed by hemispherical Gompas, Stupas and Chortens implying towards the unmistakable quality of Buddhism here that purify the cool and great surroundings of the Himalayas. The slopes, valleys and the canyons here appear to reverberate the Buddhist serenades, as meager young men wearing conventional clothing of the friars pass by. The wonderful slope station wears an otherworldly look owing to these Buddhist foundations, cloisters, journey locales, religious community celebrations, petition to God wheels, Buddhist Mandals and painted creations known as Thangkas.

Mountains at Ladakh

Ruler Gautam Buddha is worshiped and his teachings are trailed by the Buddhists. The Dalai Lama is thought to be an incarnation of Lord Buddha and is worshipped as the Buddhist pioneer. Tenzing Gyatso is the current and the fourteenth Dalai Lama, who is proceeding following the year 1933.


A few Buddhist cloisters of gompas speck the city and draw in voyagers of assorted religions with their holy air and appeal. Other than a position of love and practice, these cloisters additionally serve as a foundation of learning and preparing for the friars and nuns who stay here. They likewise house historical centers displaying Buddhist craftsmanship, society and conventions. The Buddhist celebrations that occur here are likewise one of the prime attractions of Ladakh.


The fundamental cloisters of Ladakh incorporate Alchi Monastery, which goes over to 1000 AD. It has a slight likeness with the Hindu sanctuaries because of the artistic creations and figures cut out in the religious community. An alternate renowned cloister in Ladakh is Hemis Gompa, which is known for being the wealthiest and the biggest religious community among all the cloisters in Ladakh.

It is ornamented with gold and silver stupas and a copper model of Lord Buddha. The Hemis Festival that is praised here, is a tremendously anticipated service of the spot.



Spotted in Leh, by the Leh Palace, is the lovely Namgyal Tsemo Monastery offering a striking perspective of the landscapes of Leh. The three-storied religious community has a place with the fifteenth century and jam a rich statue of Maitreya or future Buddha, overlaid in gold. A cloister of the Drugpa request, Chemrey Gompa is likewise one of the remarkable Buddhist religious communities of Ladakh, popular for the Dance Festival that happens here and the immense statue of Padmasambhava enhancing its premises.

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Ladakh Monastery