The Best Pacific Coast Shore Excursions to Take on Your Next Cruise

There is no better place to travel to while on a cruise than the Peaceful Sea, also known as the Pacific Ocean. It’s said that Ferdinand Magellan, who was a Portuguese explorer, title the ocean, “mar pacifico” which means peaceful.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on the planet and the water can either be freezing or warm. The variety of places to go along the Pacific Shore is vast and incredibly beautiful. There are never enough times to visit the Pacific Ocean especially while on a Pacific coast shore excursion.


Choosing a Destination

Choosing a destination should be simple considering how many choices there are to pick but this characteristic can also make it difficult to choose. For example, taking a cruise to Victoria can mean exploring the Victorian Castle named Craigdarroch Castle, or whale watching, or exploring the gardens.

A cruise can be taken all the way to San Francisco, where city tours can be explored and mystical California Redwoods can be admired.

Another great choice would be Cabo San Lucas. And this is where kayaking and snorkeling would be welcomed as well as swimming with dolphins and a romantic sunset dinner cruise. They are all amazing choices. Pacific Coast shore excursions can be the perfect way to unwind and spend some quality time with the people you love.

Why Take A Cruise To The Shore?

Only forty percent of people throughout the entire world live at least one-hundred kilometers beside the shore. That means not many people have the luxury let alone privilege of experiencing the shore, much less a shore excursion. A shore excursion is a guarantee that there will be some type of activity that will be desired by everyone and that can be added, if not included, to the trip package. That means that the percentage of people that get to experience these excursions is still less. Why take a cruise to a shore? Because it is a fun, rare experience that can bring families and people together.

The Sunset

The Peaceful Sea, the Pacific Ocean is the perfect way to relax, to appreciate nature, to explore and discover. Pacific coast shore excursions are perfect during any time of the year and they bring a smile to everyone’s face. Pacific coast shore excursions are the right mixture of magic, love, and adventure. That is why it is the best cruise trip to choose. Because when the return home is long, organizing the next Pacific coast shore excursion is easy.