TIAN TAN BUDDHA, A Big Statue in Hongkong

The Buddha overall known as the TIAN TAN BUDDHA is arranged at Ngong PIng on Lantau island. The buddha is Lantau’s greatest vacation destination with over a million individuals going by consistently.

The buddha is there to symbolize concordance in the middle of man and nature and the buddha alongside Pol Lin religious community is Hong Kong significant spot for buddhism.

tian tan buddha

tian tan buddha

The buddha was begun in 1990 and was finished in 1993 with an expected expense of $68 million.

tian tan buddha

The buddha sits on a Lotus throne taken from THE Altar of Heaven and Earthly Mount of the Temple Of Heaven which lives in Tian Tan In Beijing, China. The buddha was constructed with 202 different bits of bronze in addition to a substantial metal casing backings within to help in terrible breezy conditions, in light of the fact that the weight of the statue is 250 tons, the tallness is 34M (110ft). This truly is a place that on the off chance that you have sufficient energy you shouldn’t miss.

Lounging around the buddha at the base are 6 littler statues all giving offerings these are known as, The Offerings Of The Six Devas. They are putting forth blossoms, incense, light, treatment, products of the soil. The offerings are given to the buddha to speak to, philanthropy, profound quality, persistence, enthusiasm, reflection and insight of which all is required before entering NIRVANA which is obviously inside the Buddhist religion.


The buddha confronts north which is exceptional for buddha and the six devas are confronting south. Sitting there viewing over the grand field, pleased and like the magnet he his he will attract you to him. The buddha has his right hand raised which speaks to the signifying “The evacuation of tribulation”, his left hand is on his lap to speak to “giving” (dhana).


Climbing the 268 steps to achieve the buddha you will first perceive that the perspectives are exceptional, Within the buddha there are three stories of presentations these floors are named, The Hall Of The Universe, The Hall Of Benevolent and The Hall Of Remembrance which you must visit to see objects, relics of former age.

Tian Tan Buddha


tian tan buddha