Blue Lagoon, A Geothermal spa in Iceland

It is not that often that you get to enjoy a place whose waters are clearer than the sky itself. But if you ever go to the chilly country of Iceland, you will find out that the Blue Lagoon is one of those places. In a cold island Blue Lagoon is a definitely a small patch of heat. Its convenient place between Europe and United States of America has always helped in attracting huge number tourists every year. With its amazingly pleasant weather, this place offers the perfect location to get away to, relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.


The clear blue waters of the island that are heated by the geo thermal energy at times feel sweltering provide the right amount of minerals too. Blue Lagoon provides the mounds of soft white muds to visitors so that they can sit in clear warm water and watch their worries wash away. With its pleasant sunbeams and clear blue sky, this place sure is heaven.


The thing that makes it the perfect location for the tourists is the “long layover” juncture between the USA and Europe, which is just right. It helps in reducing the duration of long plane rides between the two continents which can often be fairly claustrophobic and excruciating. Who would want to start their amazing vacations with a painfully long plane ride? So people automatically choose this location because it serves as a perfect break point.

On a five and a half hour long plane ride from the east cost of United States of America is the Keflavik International Airport. This ride gets you half way to Europe. Once you get on the airport, all you have to do is get a shuttle to Blue Lagoon and chill until it is time to finish the rest of your flight.

Blue Lagoon

The resort has all services including the rental services for swim suits and towels so that you don’t have to drag down extra luggage with you when you come in to relax. Apart from that the Blue Lagoon offers various kinds of grooming products that are made especially out of the special algae, hot water and the mud of the place.