Famous Bars in Australia

Best bars in Australia

Australia is well known for its bar and pub culture and if you are fond of liquor, there are many bars out there which you should explore. Whether you are looking to enjoy a drink with your loved one or are looking for a place where you can relax and drink, you are bound to find a pub that suits your needs. The country has a rich culture of various wines and drinks, some pubs even have experimental in house cocktail menus which you should definitely try on your next visit. Given below is a list of some of the famous bars in Australia.


Located in Bondi beach, Sydney, Icebergs is the best place to relax and quietly sip your drink. The bar itself is ideally located on a huge balcony where you can enjoy your drink and also partake in the magnificent view of the city. It’s not very expensive and has a number of cocktails on offer which are always a great delight.

Bar Economico

The name does justice to the place as it is a very good budget option and the wine is just exquisite. Famed for its Wrong Island Iced Teas, the place also offers some very good deals on rums.

Wild Rover

Located in Sydney, the pub has many delights on offer. It is one of the places where the food is also good and the menu has something for everyone.


Australian Bars

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Located in the scenic beauty of the Adelaide river; this bar is a good option for a photo opportunity with Charlie the Buffalo and also has a number of photo memorabilia from the war time. Beers are the best choice in Adelaide River and the food is also exquisite.

Hoo haa bar

This little pub is hidden away in a nondescript corner of the city but is a very good option for budget conscious travellers. It offers coffee during the day time and liquor at night. Has a lush green garden where you can sit and relax with your drink.

Hotel Story Bridge

The place is known for cockroach races which are a cultural tradition in Australia. It’s a nice place for a budget drink and also has some very delicious snack options.

Sling Lounge Bar

Sling Lounge

Best known for its extensive liquor menu, the site has some more than 200 liquor options which you can savour. The pub also has some of its own special cocktails which you should try out.

Pubs in Australia

Ettamogah pub

This oddly shaped pub is known for its unique architecture. Designed by a cartoonist, it has a proud history that dates back several generations. A number of copies have originated since then but the original is still a very good option.


This pub is located in Perth and is home to the best winery culture in Australia. Designed as a rooftop bar, it has a lawn and offers a lot of variety right from local beers to international drinks. Musical rock shows are a constant feature and this pub should be on your list if you are visiting Australia.